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Tool Maintenance

B-Sharp and B-SharpXL


Sharpening with B-Sharp / B-SharpXL

  • Hold open tool firmly in one hand (see photo).
  • Take B-Sharp and set it on the bevel of the blade (on the outside face of the blade).
  • Sharpen the cutting edge by pulling B-Sharp parallel along the bevel of the blade (an angle of approx. 23°).
  • Repeat until a small burr has formed at the tip of the cutting edge.
  • Turn over tool and set B-Sharp flat against the inside face of the blade. Swipe once to break the burr. Your tool is now sharp.

All maintenance should be performed only by a responsible person, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Keep out of reach of children!

B-Oil in Daily Maintenance After Use:

Clean blades with a soft cloth. To dissolve any sap, use sap remover. Apply to blades, allow to penetrate, then wipe off (repeating as necessary). Apply thin coat of B-Oil to tool blades after primary cleaning.

Every second day, gently depress ball bearing of Center Oiler Bolt (see photo) and load oil into the reservoir by squeezing the bottle. Apply B-Oil to the inside of the barrel spring. Work the action of the hand pruner to spread the oil.

Barnel B-Oil is a food grade, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous oil based lubricant, safe to use around products.

Barnel B-Clean is a non-solvent, food grade cleaner. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and aids in the removal of sap and unwanted residue for improved performance.

B-Clean and B-Oil

Off Season Storage:

Apply B-Oil more liberally to the blades to avoid oxidization. Assure the Center Oiler Bolt reservoir is full. Work the action of the tool to spread B-Oil and repeat application of more B-Oil until the blades are saturated. Store in a dry place (i.e. in a box, case) or on a wall.

Safety Data Sheets:



1" (25mm)
6" (15cm)
1.1oz (30g)
5 1/2" (140mm)
10" (25.5cm)
5.5oz (155g)
Deluxe Sharpener
1 1/2" (40mm)
4 1/4" (11cm)
0.51 fl oz (15 mL)
Non-Toxic Tool Lubricant
1 1/2" (38mm)
4 1/2" (11.4cm)
1.52 fl oz (45 mL)
Non-Solvent, Food Grade Tool Cleaner
  Professional Tool Maintenance Kit: Includes one each of B-Sharp, B-Oil, and B-Clean