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Barnel® Global Service

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Barnel® works 24/7 around the clock, around the world with our many faces, languages and SERVICE.

Our common goal:
"Listen to our customers"
"Offer the best of the best in raw material selection"
"Focus on ergonomics for increased productivity, and superior tool comfort"
BARNEL® "breakthrough" Technologies include a number of innovations that have resulted in Global Patents leading the market.
Look for Barnel® Engineering and Design to introduce at least five new products annually which includes a focus on the "Continuous Improvement Theme" with current product offering.
Over 70 countries worldwide select and use Barnel® professional products in a wide range of markets.
Barnel® tools built to perform, offering maximum comfort all day long.
Stands for the BEST in Customer Service (even in a number of languages).
The Barnel® global business model, "Worldwide Choice of Professionals™", functions across borders.
Barnel's Bartanium forged blade steels, razor sharp cutting edges, laser hardened teeth, ultra-light weight materials define HOW to be the BEST in class.